The Love Affair I’ve Yet To Have

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  • 02/28/2017

In 2008 as I was discovering Facebook, I was reconnecting with people from my past and getting to know new “friends” every day.

One of those friends is from Norway. We communicated a lot via chat and thus begun my love affair with his country.

We no longer keep in touch but I will always thank him for unknowingly me to his country.

I am totally smitten with Norway, with the colorful houses of Bergen, the intriguing Lofoten Islands, the almost monochromatic beauty of Svalbard, to name a few.

Life has taken me through some weird paths  these last couple of years.  Paths in which I got lost sometimes, looking for my north. I recently learned that the meaning of Norway is “way leading to the north” I can’t think of a better name.

I can already see myself scared out of my wits reaching to the edge of Trollveggen the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. I can feel the freedom and exhilaration of the breath taking beauty I will be looking at.

I can hear the crackling of the logs of my rented loft in Bergen. TheFløibanen Funicular to Floyen Mountain and the colorful city below me.  The almost unreal sunsets  on Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf . A day tour toLysøen to visit Ole Bull’s 19th century villa. Hike until my heart’s content in Stoltzekleiven.

I wonder what little café will become my hangout place, my local bakery  and my local supermarket. I want to get lost in their guttural sounding language of which I’m sure I won’t understand let alone pronounce a word but it will make me smile nonetheless.

Admittedly I was initially drawn to it’s natural beauty but as I started my research for my trip, I’ve learned quite a bit about this country which is  in the lead of just about all of the indexes on education, health care, quality of life, income per capita, life expectancy, again to name a few.

Unlike most affairs my affair with Norway will entail lots and lots of warm, fluffy, cozy, oversized winter clothes. After years of the relentless heat of Florida, I can’t wait to cuddle up with a great book a glass of Chardonnay in front of a fireplace under a warm, warm blanket.


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