Keanu vs. Keanu

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  • 02/23/2017

I recently read a review for John Wick 2, which was deemed as a “Visual Celebration of Violence”.

I am a long time fan of Keanu Reeves but I in the midst of the chaos we are living as a society I found the box office success bitter sweet and a reflection of the misguided modern values.

The review also mentioned that John Wick had restored the devaluated image of the actor to the Matrix’s glory days. Even I can agree that The Matrix broke the mold of action movies when it came out in addition to a whole new possible idea of why we are here.

The fact that the reviewer would doubt Keanu’s success as an actor with 51 movies under his belt makes me wonder who’s not seeing the whole picture him or the public.

Keanu in my eyes have proved to be an eclectic and great actor since his early movies like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and  rising to the occasion along side Glenn Close in Dangerous Liasions,  Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate and a blonde Patrick Swayze in Point Break.

I am not naïve enough not to know that action movies have changed so much that Speed would probably be rated G by now. Still, I can’t be totally happy with his regained status as an Action Star.

I would take the Keanu of The Lake House, Something’s Gotta Give and The Replacements any day of the week. The first kiss in the bar scene is  quite possibly my all my time favorite movie kiss. Quick update, I just watched it again looking for the link for the posting. It’s official it is my favorite movie kiss of all time.

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Where to go when you can’t go anywhere?

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  • 01/31/2017

I’ve been wanting to start a blog forever but the more I looked into it, the more complicated it seemed. But life works in mysterious ways and in December of 2014 I suffered an accident that sent me straight to bed for a year, so? where to go when you can’t go anywhere.

Fast forward the details of my pity party and cue in the internet. I honestly can say the answer to title of this post is virtually everywhere and  anywhere. It doesn’t matter how tech savvy you are, your stuck in bed so you can train yourself in anything you like.

This virtual tour is as per my own story and preferences, the point of it is to give you an idea of what’s out there for you.

I’ve always wanted to go to Norway so I kind of became an expert on the country (my second post is cut short for your benefit) I learned to crochet so I can be nice and warm once I’m there. I found more tutorials in crocheting than hours in the day I also used I upcycled and recycled I got my brother to do some of my DIY projects and redid my room with ideas from I started by reviewing a friend’s restaurant and became a top reviewer for

I read blogs about blogging and  Petra, aka my care giver, aka my guardian angel and I tried out any crazy recipe that took our fancy (beware of this one, I put in some weight but it was well worth it) . I wrote articles for online magazine Listened to podcasts in iTunes, TED talks, watched movies, read books, I’m learning Portuguese, discovered new singers, joined online communities with like minded people, made my own soaps, scrubs, shampoos, I colored mandalas, made my own candles I honestly could keep going until you say, ok I get the point.

The thing about the internet is that you know your starting point but you never know where it is going to lead you. If you let it, one movie will lead to suggestions you would’ve not thought of on your own. videos will make you curious about other things out there. People you meet online will open doors to their culture, what makes them happy or not. Once you try your first home made soap, you’ll never go back. Home remedies will be fun to try, words in a different language will  become familiar.

You can get a whole new career if you choose to. If money is an issue there are plenty of free and/or very affordable online classes you can take.

You can become a freelance writer, a blogger, a translator Granted it won’t be overnight but if you are not going anywhere for the time being, what’s there to lose?

If you can’t go anywhere grab your computer and  buckle up, you are going for the ride of your life.